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PTA Team Party Chair

Description: Distribute and correct party supplies for the teams. 4 parties per year—Order, pick up and deliver drinks.


  1. Obtain and distribute the paper supplies (cup, napkins, spoons, forks) and drinks to the Pod Teams for the 4 PTA sponsored parties (Halloween, Winter, Valentine's Day and Last Day of School) 3 weeks prior to the party.
    a. Distribute party supply form to Team Leaders.
    b. Collect forms and contact Publix to order drinks.
    c. Submit an order to the Cafeteria Manager for any needed party supplies. Cafeteria submits the bill directly to the PTA.
    d. Collect, assemble, and distribute the party supplies requested by Team Leaders.
  2. Attend all Executive Board and General Assembly meetings - and notify Vice President when unable to do so.
  3. Submit a written work plan for the year to the Executive Committee for approval as well as any changes to the plan during the year.
  4. Prepare and submit a budget to the Budget Committee prior to its planning meeting